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We are a group of gaming industry veterans with a passion for bringing technology to games.

What we do

Yallaplay is a pioneering mobile gaming company, leveraging advanced AI technologies to create immersive, interactive and globally engaging games for the digital age.

Our Focus

Our strength is in real-time multiplayer games. We are focused on long life cycle games with Player vs Player mechanics.

Our Games

Spades Masters

Spades Masters is an enthralling mobile card game, built on top of our proprietary game engine, blending strategic gameplay, stunning visuals, and advanced AI for an unmatched multiplayer experience, published by the renowned Miniclip. Having attracted millions of downloads, Spades Masters has become a sensation across the United States, solidifying its reputation as a standout in the mobile gaming industry

Tarneeb Masters

Tarneeb is our first game, which turned into a popular success. The game is based on a popular card game originating from the Middle East. Tarneeb Masters is designed for the mobile phone with a fun and unique experience. We built the game with tons of exciting features including live game play, competitions, rankings, level-ups, social features and more.

Zombie World

Zombie World is our latest upcoming release! Immerse yourself in battle in this top-down mobile shooter as you assume control of a ruthless survivor armed to the teeth with an array of incredible firearms. Navigate through challenging arenas, utilizing your upgradable arsenal and the environment's defenses to fend off unrelenting waves of zombies. The opulence is evident with every gun you collect — and ultimately, your success will be determined by turrets and traps you use, and of course your abilities!

Innovate. Build. Play.Yallaplay Engine

At the core of our engaging games is the YallaPlay Engine, a culmination of years of specialized knowledge in the gaming industry. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, it delivers compelling real-time gaming experiences, highly praised by our users. With live operations, seamlessly driven by advanced AI, it ensures high-efficiency operation and maximum user satisfaction. Experience the world of YallaPlay, where gaming meets innovation.


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Meet the faces behind YallaPlay

Kareem Seddik

Kareem Seddik

- CEO -

Israel Lot

Israel Lot

- CTO -

Sara El-Bachri

Sara El-Bachri

- CMO -

Marc Lejeune

Marc Lejeune


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